Factory tour gives N! members chance to connect closely with leading truck parts manufacturers

A group of Managing Directors and Purchasing Managers from 10 N! Heavy Duty members were given a special opportunity to connect closely with N! suppliers when two of the leading manufacturers in the global truck market hosted them on a factory tour.

The three-day visit took place in Germany and was organised by Schaeffler and MANN+HUMMEL, in collaboration with NEXUS.

The 10 N! members were from Algeria, Greece, Latvia, Moldova, Hungary, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

First stop was Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket near Frankfurt, which included a fleet management workshop, followed by a visit to the Schaeffler brand Luk headquarters in Bühl, where the participants got a chance to see up close the suppliers’ premium range and expertise for heavy commercial vehicle  transmission products. The last visit stop took place in Ludwigsburg and was hosted by the strong player in filtration technology, MANN+HUMMEL.

The visit was part of an increased focus by NEXUS on strengthening the Heavy Duty sector within the N! Community so it is better positioned to respond to market trends, including digitalisation and a growth in large fleets.

Keith Leadbeater, Director Commercial Vehicles at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket said: “We very much appreciate the personal dialogue with our customers and NEXUS. It is very valuable for us in order to develop ideas and solutions together that are of benefit for all participants of the business through to our end-customers.

Brigitte Steinbach, Director Sales IAM Key Accounts and ITGs for MANN+HUMMEL, said: “We very much appreciate the efforts NEXUS is undertaking to increase the focus of the N! Community with regards to the Heavy Duty business. The approach to combine two leading parts manufacturers and enter into a dialogue with the Nexus members from a number of different markets has provided us with very interesting insights and new concrete ideas for further business development. Thank you to everyone involved for this very beneficial event!

Janusz Zielinski, N! Heavy Duty global business developer, said: “Collaboration with global manufacturers is fundamental to gaining a full understanding of the future directions of the market, and to create a synergy between distributors and suppliers. We are very grateful to Schaeffler and MANN+HUMMEL for hosting this special visit. It was a unique opportunity for N! members to connect with N! suppliers, visit their factories and share interesting insights on the Heavy Duty business. It definitely deepened their knowledge of two of the most important global manufacturers in the truck sector.”